Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stunning South Korea

Around Town

Temple Handle

Train Ride
Empty market on New Years Day

Suwon market

Deserted Alley way
Endless dog outfits

Korean Folk Village


Comfy tables for lunch
Keum-ryeon sa

Water Wheel Mill
Weaving silk 

i like your mustache

                                                                          Wishes for the Year of the Dragon

sleeping at his post

                                                                            Geunjeongjeon Hall

Heungnyemun (2nd Inner Gate)

Rat atop the foundation

Gisu at the gate

Guard inspection

Haetae ensuring justice


New years wishes

Largest buddha in Seoul

Year of the Dragon begins
                                                               Prayer before the ceremony

Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon

New Years Laterns
Real home protection

Golden Golden Buddha on the Hill

Under Giant Buddha was little lighted Buddhas

Sinpungnu, main entrance to Haeggung  

Seonam Ammun
Its so not that far

Southwest Secret Gate at Hwaseong Fortress

Buddha on the hill
Southwest Pavilion